Sew Anyway Studio Presents - Diapers on the Go Pouch - My Version

I had great fun making this little bag. It is soft and durable. It is, of course, very washable. I have it in my Etsy store as a Pay It Forward item. I would love for some one who is on the go and likes to travel light with their little ones that are still in need of diapering. You can find more details about this little number there. Click on the little picture on the right.
This "I-used-to-be-a-pair-of-jeans" denim tote still has a long way to go. It is re purposed and useful instead filling the dump. I took care in designing and sewing this thinking it would be great Dad-friendly baby gear.
You shouldn't have to tote Camouflage, John Deere Tractors, or Red Hot Chill Peppers Baby Gear to state your man hood is intact as you care for your little one. Simple stated, I go for practical and washable when it comes to kids!
UPDATE: This bag has been spoken for. Leave a comment if you are interested in having a bag like this made just for you!

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