Cool, Crafty Koozies

So, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our school's theme is "Academy Award Winning Teachers". We have had so much fun "rolling out the red carpet" (which is red paper) - very fun. The teachers were given "Hollywood Star Treatment" all week. One day we gave flowers, next day fruit, and yesterday was chocolate. I saw a great opportunity to get in on the fun in crafty way: appropriate Academy Award Winning Accoutrements!!

School colors: green, black and white

Green koozies, fun felt, and craft boa + glue gun.
Not exactly Bling, but beautiful none the less!

Happy Birthday Banner Card

This is what I worked on one morning while the kiddos worked on math and language lessons.
It was inspired by something that I saw at Target the day before. To see a picture of the felt banner, click here.

We Heart Crafts

We have kept plenty busy this week with orders, Father's Day, and other projects (i.e. painting the dining room).
A blank canvas waiting to be a great Father's Day present.
I think it turned out great. I love rub ons and stickers.
Some fun decoupage decor for my little girl's room. I think it needs a little something more, I just can't think what. Any suggestions?
(Please excuse the bad photography, between me and my lousy camera - well, I am just glad I'm even getting some pictures.)
My sweet girl came up with this idea and was commissioned by a boutique owner to make them. She has sold three so far and is saving her money for camp.

So, we are still anticipating the arrival of the parcel we having been looking forward to receiving from my swap partner. So stay posted, I am sure it will come soon.

Summer Swap Sneak Peek

If you are Sandi - don't look yet - it's on its way! Otherwise - I can't wait!!! (and I am afraid I might not get to it later).

So, this is my first ever swap - very exciting! I am a wee bit behind on the timeline - but hey, the kids just got out of school last week and I am sooooo glad it is summer time.

I really had to blow the dust off of my sewing machine. When I got to thinking about it, I had not sewn a stitch in six months - SIX MONTHS! crazy.

So here is the out come, a Belle Melange:

A bit of a closer view:

My just turned 11 year old daughter got in on the action. She was very eager to get started on craft projects for the summer. If you go to the library, you can tell she has been there - the craft book section will be empty. These are two projects she found to add to the swap. The one on the left is a felt coffee bean sachet - great for the car, purse, or drawer. On the right, a hand crafted needle book. I love the that my girl is creative and industrious!

Next up: Hopefully a perfect gift for a Victorian Gypsy!

A tiny tin from England.

This is a truly original creation. The flowers are free handed. Can you tell what they are? Tulip, Impatient, and a crazy Dandelion in vintage orange. Can you guess what it is? It's a tissue cozy. Yep, no more crunched up tissues at the bottom of the purse. Pretty handy, huh?

Of course, I had to make a Bread Basket Blanket for her. I used some of my favorite material. Looking at her blog: I figured it might work with her decor.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

Late Night Crafts

When I was in college, I worked for an antique dealer on the weekends. Of my many tasks, one of my favorites was being "commissioned" for my art work. The dear lady gave me a very old milk can - it had three layers of red paint (all different shades) and I think one layer of blue. I was instructed to strip off all the old paint, prime the can, and then paint a "Country Scene" over the entire surface. (I will refrain from giving details about how I feel about stripping off paint.) But what a transformation after is was all done! Okay the point of the story is, I loved painting that milk can! I stayed up countless nights very late working to create beauty. It is hard for me to stop once I get started. I rarely stay up past 10:30 anymore. But tonight was different. After the kids were tucked in, I was inspired to create. I owe my inspiration to Blossom Hill Cottons. I love her style, her work, and her words.

I totally eye-balled this project. I had no pattern. Just my imagination, felt, and floss. I couldn't think of a name for this little guy - but, I can tell you, he is a one of a kind!

Warming Up

Okay - (imagine arms stretching, knuckles cracking, neck popping) I'm getting ready! To swap, that is. So, this is what I have been working on this week. One done and one to go.

This first project is for a special little cousin in celebration of his birthday. I was inspired by a wooden tic-tac-toe board with marbles as the "x's" and "o's" at one of our favorite coffee shops in downtown Wylie. Marbles are great until they roll away - not so with felt "marbles"!

So my next project is still under way, but progress is being made and I should be done by tomorrow. This fabric house was inspired by one of my favorite craft blogs, Molly Chicken.

This house will be the home of a tiny critter - hopefully I will be able to show you the finished product and the happy, little critter to go with it on the next post.

This Will Be Fun

I was so excited to see that my friend Roxi is hosting a swap! I have been waiting to be a part of a swap after finding out about BackTack - I was too late to get on board for that, but we made a Wee Bunny anyway. The timing for the "Not Too Shabby" Summer Swap will be a bit tight with it being in May since it is the end of the school year, lots of field trips, birthday parties, etc. But, (throwing caution to the wind) I really don't want to miss out on this!

This is our Wee Bunny!