Summer Swap Sneak Peek

If you are Sandi - don't look yet - it's on its way! Otherwise - I can't wait!!! (and I am afraid I might not get to it later).

So, this is my first ever swap - very exciting! I am a wee bit behind on the timeline - but hey, the kids just got out of school last week and I am sooooo glad it is summer time.

I really had to blow the dust off of my sewing machine. When I got to thinking about it, I had not sewn a stitch in six months - SIX MONTHS! crazy.

So here is the out come, a Belle Melange:

A bit of a closer view:

My just turned 11 year old daughter got in on the action. She was very eager to get started on craft projects for the summer. If you go to the library, you can tell she has been there - the craft book section will be empty. These are two projects she found to add to the swap. The one on the left is a felt coffee bean sachet - great for the car, purse, or drawer. On the right, a hand crafted needle book. I love the that my girl is creative and industrious!

Next up: Hopefully a perfect gift for a Victorian Gypsy!

A tiny tin from England.

This is a truly original creation. The flowers are free handed. Can you tell what they are? Tulip, Impatient, and a crazy Dandelion in vintage orange. Can you guess what it is? It's a tissue cozy. Yep, no more crunched up tissues at the bottom of the purse. Pretty handy, huh?

Of course, I had to make a Bread Basket Blanket for her. I used some of my favorite material. Looking at her blog: I figured it might work with her decor.

All wrapped up and ready to go!


Rosezilla said...

Looking good! Let us know what she thought of everything. Although I guess she'll do that too! That's great that your daughter is already so creative and competent.


come by; i'm having a drawing for a free pair of earrings! enter :) thanks lots!

Sherry said...

You did a great job on your swap stuff!! My daughter likes to help too and well, she really likes when I get the swap stuff in the mail. Me and my girls usually go through everything and share. My craftier daughter is 7 and wants me to host a summer kids swap for kids around her age. I like that she is already interested too!!

LOUISE said...

A lovely summer swap here. I like the little tin from England and also the coffee bean sachet idea, especially liking the ladybird felt. Your swap partner will, or must have been very pleased to receive this. x

Sandi said...

I was the lucky recipient of all these beautiful gifts. I love them all. I'm kind of worried that the package I sent has disappeared! I sure hope it's there by now.

Roxi said...

Glad you had fun with the swap!