We Heart Crafts

We have kept plenty busy this week with orders, Father's Day, and other projects (i.e. painting the dining room).
A blank canvas waiting to be a great Father's Day present.
I think it turned out great. I love rub ons and stickers.
Some fun decoupage decor for my little girl's room. I think it needs a little something more, I just can't think what. Any suggestions?
(Please excuse the bad photography, between me and my lousy camera - well, I am just glad I'm even getting some pictures.)
My sweet girl came up with this idea and was commissioned by a boutique owner to make them. She has sold three so far and is saving her money for camp.

So, we are still anticipating the arrival of the parcel we having been looking forward to receiving from my swap partner. So stay posted, I am sure it will come soon.


LOUISE said...

Some really lovely projects you have come up with here. To stamp the cover has completely transformed something quite plain into something really special. How fantastic is it your daughter being commissioned for her great ideas. x

Ginger said...

Wonderful idea for earrings!Sweet gift for anytime.
hugs to you both