What's in a Name?

This is one of my latest creations. They are actually magnets about 2" square. I had a fun time designing and creating this little project. I thought it was a good alternative to the plastic letters we are all familiar with. The child is able to learn to recognize their name. A further challenge would be to scramble the letters up and ask the child to put them in the right order. I was just talking with a friend yesterday who said that she was trying to help her little girl learn to spell her name with sidewalk chalk. Since children are such concrete thinkers any form of learning that incorporates two or more of their senses gives them a greater advantage to retain what they learn. Thus, anything that is tactile or easily manipulated helps the information to be imprinted in their brains giving them the advantage of being able to more easily recall what they learned later. I have made quite a few of these in different varieties and given them as gifts.

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